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BFS is proud to be part of the following teams providing expedited professional and engineering support services to the US Army Aviation and Missile Command.


Attracting and retaining talent in a highly competitive global marketplace can be an exceptionally challenging undertaking. Blue Force Services has the knowledge, tools and technology to help businesses win the escalating "Talent War". Our processes are designed to ensure that you receive skilled talent capable of delivering long-term, high-impact results.

As a front runner in Recruitment and Human Resources (HR) Consulting for some of the world's most prestigious and sought-after organizations, BFS takes an innovative and aggressive approach in providing high quality professional services to our customers. Our integrated solutions span all aspects of a robust HR function and allow our clients to maintain a focus on strategy rather than process. By working in partnership with BFS, our clients benefit from a single point of contact and a consistent, standardized approach that enables them to attract, recruit and retain quality employees.

We provide a complete suite of services that includes:

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