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BFS is proud to be part of the following teams providing expedited professional and engineering support services to the US Army Aviation and Missile Command.

Training and e-Learning Solutions

Training and e-Learning assist our clients in remaining on top of industry advances and meeting performance objectives - an ideal solution for companies wanting to retain top-quality employees. At Blue Force Services (BFS), our trainers and instructors have industry experience, technological know-how and a solid understanding of human capabilities that allows us to provide an unparalleled level of training service and quality.

Our instructors and training teams have extensive government and commercial experience. Training specialists are able to identify and create effective, targeted learning programs, either on-site or via electronic media. The BFS Curriculum Development staff has an in-depth understanding of the unique needs of the adult learner, and we customize our training services to allow the students to gain the most from each experience.

BFS offers comprehensive training and curriculum development services, including managing the supplier's support capabilities to ensure field service representatives efficiently deploy training, either to end-users at point-of-need or to trainers in a controlled sustainment environment.

The BFS Curriculum Development Team uses a proven step-by-step methodology of ISD and traditional systematic approaches of Performance-Based Training (PBT) for our courses.

Our Team:

  • Analyzes the goals, noting any deficiencies in environment, task coverage and emerging trends
  • Designs the learning objective and identifies the tasks necessary to reach each objective
  • Develops the learning activities and delivery methods that best promote knowledge retention
  • Reviews given documentation and procedures
  • Validates the instructions to ensure the task satisfies the stated learning objective

Our personnel closely monitor adherence to the ISD process to create customized courses that accurately meet the client needs and deliver results. BFS offers the most advanced technology and security available and guarantees a superior level of service for end-user and administrator support. Our process ensures development of courses efficiently and effectivel,y delivered on time every time.

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