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BFS is proud to be part of the following teams providing expedited professional and engineering support services to the US Army Aviation and Missile Command.

Talent Management

At Blue Force Services (BFS), our goal is to deliver a standardized, bias-free recruiting strategy that allows our clients to focus on the important task of running their business. By using and constantly refining this approach, we are able to provide applicants that will meet or exceed client expectations every time. BFS is committed to attracting and recruiting qualified candidates with competitive backgrounds who have the talents and skills to drive a business to success. Realizing the importance of providing contractors within a specified time period, we are prepared to utilize our critical timing procedure to meet this goal. Individual recruiting strategies are created for each position and additional recruiting support is utilized, where necessary.

BFS has the capability to support supplied personnel, which includes the following services:

  • Managing and defining competitive salaries
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Performance management processes
  • Retention programs
  • Promotion and transitioning

BFS has the knowledge to enable organizations to closely align the workforce with corporate strategic goals by providing an environment to track and manage the process of workforce learning and development across the company. We work with our clients to ensure they are able to develop and retain top talent in any industry.

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